Automobile Billing System

Automobile Billing System is a complete software providing services vehicle maintenance, service and spare parts changing etc. we can maintain sales and purchases of spare parts of vehicles. we can get all reports for sales, purchases, services and all other features in this system.

Features :

  1. Admin can create, delete or update any data in this system.
  2. Admin can add a new staff or delete/update a existing staff. The administrator takes the details of the all employees, and he will provide user id n password for particular employees. Software offers you a valuable tool to browse or capture the employee Image.
  3. Allows the employee to take the vehicle information before giving to service by filling Repair Order Form.
  4. Allows the employee to check the vehicle and change the spares if needed and vehicle delivered in time provided in Form.
  5. Allows Sales and Purchases of Spares and parts and get reports for them.
  6. After Delivering the vehicle money payments will be done.
  7. Reports are made for advance collection, bill payment, vehicle history.
  8. User can check the report whenever he wants.
  9. Help is there, whenever needed any one can go through the help page and work in the application according to his need.