Quality Assurance & Testing

Acentia Software Solutions firmly believes that Quality Analysis is an ongoing process that has no ends. Quality Assurance at Acentia Software Solutions is a part and parcel of any software development life cycle because we try to ensure that the client gets a high quality and reliable software solutions without failing to fulfill any of the standard protocols that have been chalked out earlier.

Superior quality software development services in Acentia Software Solutions are made possible by its well maintained quality analysis process. These days, shorter cycles and frequent releases of software services coupled with the ever increasing customer expectations keep many of the software development vendors under great pressure. Acentia Software Solutions operates a well-equipped state-of-the-art testing department supported by a qualified testing staff to help maintain quality right from the incubation stage of the software development project.

Acentia Software Solutions uses the latest testing tools to make sure that the quality of your delivery is not compromised other than focusing only on the short completion time. Our software testing tools are tailor made to maintain top quality software that is high on performance, user friendliness and stability.

The Acentia Software Solutions QA team constantly keeps track of the latest coding standards, best coding practice, documentation standards and quality assurance to give you quality software for your business requirements without failing to meet deadlines. We use the following QA testing services to guarantee high quality product delivery to our clients.

Software testing
Installation testing
Functional testing
User interface testing
Regression testing
Performance testing
Test results reporting
Defect testing the failed scenarios, including defect tracking
Path testing
Unit testing
System testing
Integration testing
Black box testing
White box testing
Automation Testing
User acceptance testing