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SRS - Software Requirement Specifications

Web/Portal Development

A web portal is not just about providing products or services, but it is a powerful tool to attract and serve a large number of users who are looking for updated quality information.

Hence it becomes important to design a portal which gives the users a great experience & easy navigation.

Our web portal features include:

PDA functions such as calendars, contact management, to-do lists, and group scheduling

Access to group documents and discussion groups

Publishing and subscription facility

Access to customer records

Custom-made reports

Company-relevant news and information

Remote access

Access to common business applications such as vacation/sick-leave reporting, travel & expenditure database

Software Development

Software development is the set of activities that results in software products. Software development may include research, expansion, amendment, reuse, re-design, repairs, or any other activities that result in software yields. Initializing software development process may engage many departments, such as sales & marketing, manufacturing, research and development and general management.

From software design, software consultancy and planning, to execution, testing, and process we have the understanding and faculty to produce reusable and sustainable software development solutions.


SRS stands for Software Requirement Specifications. It is the basis to establish agreement between customers and suppliers about what to expect from software's performance and what not to expect from it.

The waterfall model is sequential software creation process, in which progress is seen as flowing steadily downwards (like a waterfall) through the phases of requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing (validation), integration, and maintenance.

The following phases are followed in order:

Requirements specification




Testing and debugging



To follow the waterfall model, one proceeds from one phase to the next in a purely sequential manner from 'Requirements specification' to 'Maintenance', however there are various modified waterfall models that may include slight or major variations upon this process.